Andrzej Kwedo

UX Unicorn

  • Warsaw/Poland
what is UX Unicorn?

UX Unicorn?

Description we all like the most is that of Da Vinci analogy: one with impressive skills and deep interests in various UX fields, in love with their processes, and being able to combine them into masterful creation.

UX Unicorns are often wrongly mistaken with jacks-of-all-trades or one-man-bands, but they are more like composers with masterful knowledge of all the instruments and tunes used to convey complex sets of emotions to move the audience

I try to carefully listen, deeply understand and finally answer user’s needs with most suitable solution expressed with the brand’s voice and a bit of delight. That’s my design mantra.

These are my core values

There was this one day I went on a jurney to uncover my inner self - the graph still isn’t perfect but today it defines best who I am as UX designer.


100+ brands

15 years

450+ projects

download my CV.pdf or see my works

Let’s get in touch

I’m available for contract or permanent positions.

I feel comfortable around startups and semi sized corporations where there is still room for creativity and openness for improvements. I value projects that innovate ways of communication with audience, that push boundaries of technology or explore new ways of creating and sharing meaning.

If you’re not sure I fit your project or just want to say hi, drop me a line anyway - there’s no harm in talking or exchanging ideas!