Privately I am multi-curious tech enthusiast, amateur photographer and explorer at heart.

I regularly find fascinating topics I fall in love with and develop a craving to study them deeply. Some of the recent ones are Machine learning, Conversation interfaces, and 3D printing.

Professionally I am a Product Designer, design thinking advocate, self-taught visual designer, a pinch of a tech-savvy developer, schooled in digital marketing.

While my natural need to put things in order makes it extremely easy for me to deal with data sets, my strong empathy helps me to understand problems from user, human perspective.

How it all works together?
Take a look at some of my case studies.

Design mantra

I try to carefully listen, deeply understand and answer user’s needs with engaging, thoughtful experiences, filled with brand personality


100+ brands

15 years

450+ projects

Work experience

  • 2003-2012

    Visual Designer / Art Director

    University of Lodz
  • 2003-2012

    Visual Designer / Art Director

    Digital agencies, Contract
  • 2005-2008

    Head of Design

  • 02-08.2008

    Senior Designer

    Code Computerlove
  • 2008-2010

    Senior Designer (UX/UI)

    Nextweb Media
  • 2012-2018

    Sr. Product Designer (Lead UX/UI)

  • 03-07.2018

    Sr. Product Designer (UX/UI)

    Future Platforms, Contract
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Your turn

Got some questions or that burning job spec for me? Excellent, I love reading them!

Just remember I value socially responsible projects that innovate the ways we communicate.

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