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How I drove platform alignment and scalability with a new Design System

Coral Design System

Ninety Percent of Everything's mission is to bring digital transformation to the shipping industry. The goal is 130+ planned products/modules built from scratch over a five year timeline.

šŸ”’ Any potentially confidential information was omitted or made unintelligible to comply with NDA. Opinions presented in this case study are my own and may not express the views of 90POE.

After building the 90POE website, understanding more about the products and interviewing different teams, I uncovered an issue that I knew would pose problems if not addressed soon... I quickly realised that company's ambitious goal might be at risk unless we addressed the fundamental problem of the growing number of UI patterns and separate implementations by various teams that worked on Desktop and Mobile applications.

My role

To help align and scale implementations, I led efforts to create a cross-platform Design System for Maritime applications - codename Coral.

Collaboration with Senior Leadership was vital to ensure buy in and make sure the Design Sytem was part of the existing strategy and product roadmaps. I conducted various audits of the entire platform and ran workshops with Designers and Developers to address the most pressing problems and quick wins.

Together with Technical owner, I drove the evolution of the Coral by implementing governance rules and clear lines of responsibility to ensure the Design System was a valuable tool that teams at all levels could leverage.

Working across the organisation allowed me to co-ordinate a backlog of design documentation and work with Technical Owners and Developers to implement Coral's components and dev stories.


With Coral, we unlocked faster mockups for design teams, without hindering creativity while reducing alignment issues.

With our component library, we reduced the median development time threefold, from several months to just one or two bi-weekly sprints, while also increasing the predictability of estimations.

Complete case study available
upon request

Unfortunately, not everything can be shared in public. I will walk you through the constraints and politics around this project. I will highlight the details around the process of building components library: from audit and design documentation to measuring success.

I will share some details:

  • how we used QGIS and Mapbox to fix and enhance geospatial data visualisations,
  • how we used code to prototype and add motion,
  • how we aligned web and mobile platforms with Design Tokens,
  • how and why we migrated from Sketch to Figma

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